PreScript™ Technologies

The Problem
Medicine requires mastery of an immense quantity of ever-changing knowledge.
Computer-driven context-sensitive rules and logic require machine interpretable data.
Interfaces designed to accomplish this require choosing from thousands of possibilities.
Physicians value their time above all else and are unwilling to use extensive drill-down lists.

The art of medicine involves selection from a universe of possibilities – for example, conditions and medications – that contain thousands of possibilities. The desire to produce machine-interpretable data drives a need for a constrained medical vocabulary which may contain thousands of possibilities. Physicians have always valued efficiency and freedom, and efforts to constrain their options generally create physician-dissatisfaction and resistance to application adoption.

The rewards for a well-accepted, user-friendly means of limiting data entry for certain key fields to a constrained medical vocabulary are great. Machine-interpretable data enables logical tools and rules to be applied – unlocking the value within the data. The healthcare environment is increasingly driven by rules-based logical operations and suggestions, and the pay-for-performance drive will effectively mandate their use. However, previous user interface designers generally have been forced to choose between an interface that is user-friendly and an interface that creates machine-interpretable data.

The Solution
PreScript™ technologies represent a breakthrough user interface that allows users to work within a constrained vocabulary – unlocking the hidden value of the data stored and retrieved. This industry-leading solution is available for purchase for use in the context of a hospital-based electronic medical record.

The interface facilitates instantaneous retrieval of context-sensitive reference information in a non-obtrusive, intuitive, user-friendly manner. The interface addresses the following issues:

    • Constrained medical vocabulary
      • Traditional drop-down boxes and decision trees are not user-friendly in this context
      • Machine-interpretable data enables more powerful use of context-sensitive tools
    • Speed – nearly instantaneous availability of context-sensitive options
    • Implementation / training time – essentially no training required


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