HealthCapable has adopted best practice techniques from the financial industry and government security organizations. Some of the security measures we have implemented may be stronger than those of your bank.

Some of the features integrated into our system include:

System Design, Policies, and Procedures:

  • Personal Health Information is never stored on personal or company laptops
  • Personal Health Information never backed up on tapes subject to physical loss
  • Geographic dispersion of data centers (protects against catastrophic failure)
  • SSL protection - up to 256 bit SSL encryption of all data transferred over the internet
  • Firewall Protection - our servers are physically protected, and are behind commercial grade firewalls protecting them from electronic intrusion
  • Oracle-based database - we have integrated industry-leading security measures inherent to an Oracle database; they describe the system as "Unbreakable."
  • JCAPTCHA - Integrated protection against brute-force attacks.

Next Steps

Visit the PreScript page which further describes the proprietary technology used by the HealthCard system to create machine-interpretable data in the most user-friendly way possible.

Visit the third-party payer page for further information on the HealthCard Network.



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